Mississauga - The Community of Port Credit

Port Credit

Port Credit is a neighbourhood in Mississauga, approximately 25 kilometers from Toronto or about a 35-minute drive from downtown Toronto. You can also take a train from Toronto to Port Credit or Uber as transportation to this lovely lakeside area.
In Port Credit, you can enjoy:

  • shopping, music and dining on the waterfront.
  • They also have a wide selection of restaurants and a very friendly community.
  • Two marinas and beautiful views of Lake Ontario.
This is a neighbourhood for all ages and attracts many young couples and singles because of its beautiful waterfront location and trendy atmosphere. Main features are:
  • The entertainment strip on Lakeshore is just minutes from Port Credit real estate and is one of the best features. This area is always busy and has an eclectic group of restaurants and bars.
  • The Port Credit Lighthouse is a fully-functioning and iconic landmark in the area. It not only welcomes boats into the harbour but also serves as an observation deck, where you can get a great view of the Port Credit River.
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Real Estate

Port Credit real estate offers unique housing options, including townhomes and condos right on the waterfront. There are also plenty of beautiful detached and semi-detached homes throughout the Port Credit real estate.