West - The Community of Alderwood


Alderwood is a well established family oriented neighbourhood situated in the south-west part of Toronto. This neighbourhood is bordered on the west by the Etobicoke Creek Valley and to the east by light industry which includes corporate giants such as Chrysler Canada Ltd. and Domtar Packaging.
Alderwood residents are proud of the Sir Adam Beck Centre. This multi-use recreational facility built on the former Sir Adam Beck School Grounds at 544 Horner Avenue, features a new primary school which will be combined with a public library, a community room, a day care centre, and a fitness room. These facilities are connected to the newly renovated Alderwood Pool.
Because Alderwood was once farm land, the streets were named after local farmer’s of the day. Farmer Brown’s farm became Brown’s Line and Farmer Horner’s farm became Horner Ave. Alderwood’s not like the other Toronto neighbourhoods. It has the big trees, big parks and generous lot sizes, but there’s no main street that anchors the neighbourhood. The closest thing they have is Brown’s Line which is not remarkable. There is, however, a great collection of shops at the bottom of the street where Brown’s Line ends and meets Lake Shore.
But Alderwood really isn’t about its commercial strip. It is more of an old suburban part of Toronto that has much better access to the city than the newer suburbs further away. As an inner suburb, it has all the pluses of the burbs:

  • Nice, big yards, more space, detached homes.
  • Unlike other suburbs, you can easily get around to just about any where. The Gardiner and the 427, are easily accessible.
  • And if you’re heading downtown, on transit, the GO station is not too far away.
  • If you prefer a good mall, the ever-growing and improving Sherway Gardens is not far away.
Best of all, because it is an older suburb in South Etobicoke, it has a lot of mature trees in the neighbourhood giving it a calm, leafy feel. If you’re a gardener, the soil is rich and less clay-ish than other parts of the city. Plants love it here. And if you’re lucky, you’ll live close to the Etobicoke Creek, which is a great place to walk your dog in the ravine. You will be surprised by how much wildlife actually exists so close to the city. Just be careful with your small dogs. There’s coyotes in the ravine!


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Real Estate
With homes built largely in the 1950s, there is a large collection of bungalows. Now don’t let the word “bungalow” concern you if you are looking for space. Some of these bungalows are a decent size and have great layouts. The smaller, scrappier bungalows tend to be bought up by developers and replaced with a much larger, newer home.